Bitchy, We are not amused

Wearing the face that he keeps in a jar by the door...


So I'm gonna lose my Agent-y good human face now?


And just *who* have you got picked to replace my human visage?

((*sing-song voice* You'll see!!!))

It had better not be embarrassing...

((Oh, for you, it'll be tres embarrassing...))

*death glare* I hate you.

((I know; it's why I do it. 8-D))

*mumbles incoherently*

EDIT: I now have a new human face. Go here and laugh... ¬.¬;;;
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Enigmatic, Warg of mystery

Forty days and forty nights...

OK, this storm is getting a little out of hand.

I went looking for shelter the other day, and I came across some guy who said that he was building a boat the size of the Steward's Quarters (if that's possible), and that I'd arrived just in time: He needed two of each species of animal currently living in Arda.

I showed him where the local nuthouse was instead.

People these days...

*slogs about in the muddy waters*
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    OK, Rin; you can turn off the water now. The tub's FULL already...
Angry, Stare

Schizophrenia; mun-style...

kitsune no tails: Hey Ulvie!!
WargOfTheNorth: What do YOU want. >:-(
kitsune no tails: Oh, just wanted to say "hi"...
WargOfTheNorth: So you bug me at 11 am to chat? Go away before I chew on your shins. >-@
kitsune no tails: Such an ungrateful little puppet...
WargOfTheNorth: Such a rude mun...
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    Gonna chew on my mun's feet she tries that again...
Enigmatic, Warg of mystery

Oh help; oh no!!



He winked at me!! me!!!

I'm losing my touch here!!!

*eats some random Elf that just happened to stray too close*

Maybe that will make me feel better...

Or at least a lot less hungry...

Oh, and mun? Don't use one of my "Agent" ic-


She just did.....
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    I don't wanna be a "lust object"!!!