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Ulv the Despoiler
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I am Ulv the Despoiler, a budding tyrant and world conquerer.

I am the Alpha Warg from the Northern Wastes pack, and I shall eat crush all who stand in the way of me darkness.

I enjoy snacking on humans regulary. Hobbits on Sundays. Elves when in season. >:)

No Dwarves please - they give me hairballs...

New changes in my life...

Still a Warg-wraith, which is loads of fun, but I've ditched the loser look in favour of a much more killer (literally) look: This one.

My prized possesions...

My gun.

My sword.

My cloak; suitable for a Warg-wraith's need for secrecy and other such things...

Still awaiting my very own Ring of Power though...


Maybe I'll just pop down to the local library and get their copy of "Rings of Power for Dummies: How to Rule the World with a Piece of Tacky Jewelry while Looking Good Doing it".

Wolves from WAF!